Home Staging – The New Strategy Spreading Fast Among Home Sellers

It is common knowledge that the US Real Estate market is struggling with the foreclosure crisis, whereby hundreds of thousands of residential as well as commercial properties are lying unsold. Even locations where homes were selling like hot cakes during the boom years are hard hit by huge inventories of homes, waiting for buyers.

According to latest reports, more and more “Hotspots” are newly emerging, apart from the long list of cities and metros from California; Florida; Nevada; Michigan; and Arizona, carrying enormous homes on their “For Sale” lists.

According to the reports for February, one such “Hotspot” is Virginia Beach, an Independent City and one of the seven cities of Hampton Roads, and the largest city of Virginia State. It is the easternmost of the Hampton Roads, known as “America’s First Region” consisting of other Independent cities of – Chesapeake; Hampton; New Port News; Norfolk; Portsmouth; and Suffolk along with smaller cities, counties and towns.

Virginia Beach is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records for having the longest pleasure beach in the world.

Virginia Beach has excellent neighborhoods and communities such as Acredale, Chesapeake Beach, Brigadoon, Great Neck, Kings Grant, Alanton, Green Run, Buckner Farms, Bayside, Blackwater, Brighton on the Bay, College Park, Glendwood, Croaton Beach, Church Point, Greenwich, the North End, Kempsville, Landstown, London Bridge, Lynnhaven, Little Neck, Middle Plantation, Munden, Oceana, Ocean Lakes, Ocean Park, Pembroke Shores, Hilltop, Pine Meadows, Princes Anne, Pungo, Indian River Plantation, Salem, Salem, Sand Bridge, Seatack, Shadowlawn, Thaila, Thaila Shores, Thoroughgood, Witchduck Point and the Oceanfront.

Housing demands in these first-class locations were far exceeding the supply and home sellers got what they wanted by way of asking their price just like that. But not anymore – since there are 4,470 homes waiting for sale as of this date, together with 480 foreclosed homes listed for distress sale.

So it becomes immensely necessary for any home seller, who wants their home sold fast amidst the above crowd and fetches the asking price set for it. It follows without saying that unless they make their home stand out of the crowd and attract prospective buyers flipping through the long list of homes available for sale, there is no way.

It is here many home sellers use the new strategy of Home Staging. They contact a seasoned Home Staging professional for help. The Accredited Home Staging professional visits the concerned property, views the present status of the home and suggests appropriate Home Staging techniques needed to be undertaken.

Thus the Home Staging professional in consultation with the home owner and selling agent carries out proper “Home Staging” of the property, in the least expensive way possible. After that, the property gets a totally new look – “curb appeal” is what they call it – whereby the existing disadvantages are minimized and the advantages that the home has are maximized.

Now the home is ready for listing in the market for sale. Any buyer seeing the photos or videos of the property in the Multiple Listings cannot stop whistling….”Oh! What a Beautiful Home this is!”…and immediately gets attracted to call their buying agent to make an appointment to view the property in person.

Source by Ramaswamy Sundaram