Let’s Shop Hampton Roads

Let’s work together to support our local businesses that are struggling to stay open during this time. Shop local for holiday and birthday gifts!

When dining out, please consider looking delicious takeout or delivery from a locally owned restaurant. When you dine in a local establishment, tip well, when they shutdown or business slows these workers lose income.

A survey was recently conducted that focused on the ongoing impact of the coronavirus on small businesses. Before this recent spike in cases, more small businesses said they were open. Small businesses that temporarily closed at some point since the pandemic began are more likely to say that they reopened in July (69%) than said so in late May (43%). This month, 86% of small businesses surveyed report they are either fully (52%) or partially (34%) open, up seven points from 79% in May.

We need your help to make this site your #1 online destination for local business information. Submit local businesses that you know are open to the directory. Let us know if they are providing deliver or curbside pickup.

If you find a business in our directory that is closed permanently, pray for them, then let us know by sending a text to (844) 688-ZUPL.

ShopHamptonRoads.com is provided by the Zupl.com directory network and any revenue generated by advertising is donated to community outreach.

Quick Find Food Delivery Guide

1.  Find your location on the map or neighborhood page where we display all of the restaurants that deliver or offer takeout in that area.

2. When you find something that satisfies your cravings, click on the business listing to discover more information on what they offer and how you can order.

3. Look for special coupons and discounts for all of your favorite locations.

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