Biker-Style Evangelism Combats Negative Stereotypes

Hundreds of bikers recently protested in Waco, Texas, arguing that many of the 100 bikers in jail after May’s bloodbath are being wrongfully imprisoned.

Nine people were killed in a shoot-out between biker gangs on May 17 at a restaurant in Waco. The protesters said they’re battling negative stereotypes about motorcycle riders.

A Biker Church with a Mission

Pastor Rusty Rawls of Chesapeake, Virginia, is on a mission to help change the negative image of bikers through his ministry called Seven Cities Freedom Biker Church.

His church is offering bikers a new way of life while sharing their love for God and the open road.

“If you’re in the car and you’re riding down the road and you see a group of them, first thing you think is ‘Oh man! That’s a group I don’t want to be around,'” he said.

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