Living in Chesapeake Virginia Pros and Cons

Thinking about moving to Chesapeake, Virginia? Have you bought real estate or lived in Chesapeake or Hampton Roads and if so, do you agree with these?

Chesapeake is such a unique place and your experience will be dictated by where in Chesapeake you are! In this video I help people wanting to move to Chesapeake (and people curious about Chesapeake) by giving specific information about each region of Chesapeake to help guide in case of relocation or visiting! Locals will be able to relate and enjoy this, too! Thanks for watching!

Movoto ranked Chesapeake #3 MOST BORING CITY IN AMERICA, LOL

Here’s one soul’s defense of Boring Chesapeake:
And another man’s defense:

Another from the same author:

Hey! Wallethub knows what’s up! we’re ranked in their “Best Places to Raise a Family” List:

Credit Donkey – #1 in Virginia!:

Helpful site for living in Chesapeake, as well as school info:

Here’s the bridge I was jogging on! – Jordan Bridge:
Another Jordan Bridge reference:

A great website for neighborhood info! Area Vibes:

Some South Norfolk reference links:

Trulia Crime Map:

Trip Advisor – Things to Do In Chesapeake (LOL, almost 0 things):


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